Let’s build your sales machine on Social.


There are 7 billion people on the planet.  

There are 2.5 Billion active users on Facebook.  

There is no better (and more cost-effective) place to generate awareness, leads, and buyers for your business.  

Full stop. Period.  

Is your business claiming any of that visual and emotional real estate yet?  

I’m more than a Facebook Advertising expert — I help businesses design winning ad campaigns that follow a HUMAN-focused sales journey to thoughtfully educate and guide new prospects to seamlessly ascend from strangers to leads and buyers.  

Using deep-rooted principles of human psychology and proven behavior patterns, we determine what your EXACT path of least resistance is to turn a stranger into a customer.  

My proven approach not only provides an intuitive understanding of your most excited buyers and how to reverse engineer their path (so we can find more prospects JUST like them)...  

It positions your brand’s unique personality to grow trust and emotional connections with your audience that sets you apart from your competitors...  

ALL while we train Facebook's algorithm to find the best leads and sales for your business, around the clock, 24/7.


Choose just the services you need, or build an all-inclusive package

FB Ad Strategy 

If you're the DIY type but want occasional help getting started, my calendar is for you.

8 Week Course

Do you want to become a FB Ads Maven in just 8 weeks?  

 I'll walk you through step by step what it takes to create, test, optimize winning campaigns in my self-paced course.  

Weekly Check-ins

Stay on track and acheieve forward progress on your growth goals with regular check-in sessions. 

Ideal for busy business owners who just need more hours in the day.

Onsite Seminars

Does your whole team need training?  

Let me come to your office and lead a seminar designed just for you. Get your entire marketing, sales, content, customer support teams all on the same plan and on the same page!

Digital Consulting Sessions

Whether for an hour or two a week, I'll sit down with you to build a complete strategy paths for specific offers.

Digital Asset Auditing

Lets identify which assets / puzzle pieces have existing in your business RIGHT NOW that we can leverage to quickly create a winning strategy on social.

Landing Page help

Winning ad campaigns fulfill a specific promise all along the customer journey. We will create high converting landing page copy, specific to your offers to establish familiarity, and trust.

Train Your Team

Whether someone on your team really wants to own this role or you just need to delegate it to someone in house, I have a personal training program to help you create, build, execute and maintain winning ads.



First, I listen.

I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you, your brand and needs. Here we’ll highlight what makes you unique, and define key opportunities.  

Then, I learn.

Together, we’ll talk about your audience to learn how to best portray YOU, then I’ll use the power of imagery and words to define your brand’s personality.  

Lastly, we lead.

What I learn sets the foundation for ideas. We’ll build upon them to create a cohesive, human-centered ad campaigns that consistently generate brand new prospects, leads and sales.


I’m Melina Moreno.

I’m an expert FB Ad strategist, consultant and karaoke singer, a total nerd when it comes to data and behavior patterns, and my obsession is helping others find their their followers, so they can make a living (and the world a better place) doing what they love.

Since 2013, I have helped over 7,000+ entreprenuers and business owners from all over the world uncover, optimize and grow their digital following and audiences…… you are absolutely in the right place! 

Let's talk!

Your first consultation is free.

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